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Botanical printing is essentially a direct contact printing method, drawing out pigments from plant material to make beautiful marks on natural fibers and paper.  Working with nature is an ongoing adventure and learning experience and an exciting form of art. These imprints are unique gifts from the earth. Since there are many variables at work, each piece is unique and can never be duplicated.

I always aim to work with windfall or leaves that are about to fall. After use in the dye pot the leaves are incorporated in pieces of art or returned to the earth.

Hi, I am Christine den Hartogh, a Dutchie who made her home in beautiful  Magical Mangawhai in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our house and the studio I work from were built on Kōhanga Lane. The Maori word Kōhanga has several meanings: nest, nursery, birthplace, cradle, homeland, stronghold, bastion. This warm and beautiful nest, this stronghold, this bastion on top of the ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is the birthplace, cradle and nursery of my art work in this new homeland.


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18 kohanga lane mangawhai northland 0573

aotearoa new zealand

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